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Category: Tools
Requires: Android 2.2 and up
Curent version: 1.0.2
Updated: 20.02.2013
Price: Free
Size: 1.01 Mb
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Description of Protractor and leveler

Protractor and leveler
Developers trying to use the protractor and made a leveler.
Protractor 180 degrees Plane/Plane/jeongchu called 360-degree vertical meter provides three different.
On the screen, the horizontal/vertical/leveler in a circular shape to the movement of the terminals realistic and reflected light and shadow leveler in the actual product, as well as the movement, such as intuitiveness horizontal for ease of set-up can be.

Key Features

★ excellent response rate, and a protractor, a simple and accurate operation.
★ 180/360 degree protractor flat-can see that each needle and the angle opposite angles at the same time moving the tick marks in intuitiveness. Zeroing function (add)
★ vertical measurement jeongchu well julppun ± 90 °, and vice versa, by displaying each terminal as opposed to the measured vertical upside down, ± 180 ° until is displayed. Zero at any position, at any angle, as well as zeroing can see the vertical angle (correction/rehabilitated/stop function)
★ horizontal/vertical/leveler in a circular shape on the screen, depending on the slope of the terminal reflected light and shadow on the leveler and accurate measurements seem to operate simultaneously with the actual product realistic works.
★ button to reset the origin according to the shape of the terminal slope or the relative angle of the measurement may be more convenient to use.
★ PAUSE / RESUME button, the horizontal graduations can be read easily.
Read ★ Reset button in the terminal has a unique standing of the origin of the horizontal back.
★ 3 kinds of protractor and rerun the program to reset the run origin of each finally because it maintains leveler can be used conveniently.

How to use

★ menu button or other button without compass or circular leveler click to enlarge / shrink, can be used conveniently and quickly. (When zoomed Back button to shrink.)
★ handset's menu button, you can just select the three types of protractor or leveler.


★ I used to work woodworking or construction work at App made as simple as possible and convenient fabrication.

★ flat screen protractor by using a sensor-based Zija, shake the needle may be used in the stable, wait a few minutes until Shin and Do not use metal objects or magnets close! Directly used for carpentry work when done wood in home full metal table top material is a lot of shake Dropped parser error When I use the leveler in the shape of a jig made by inserting the terminal could result.

★ terminal built in, depending on the performance of the sensor measurement error, there may be differences in precision.



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