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Type: Game
Category: Casual
Curent version: 1.4_phone
Updated: 21.07.2014
Price: Free
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Description of DeeDee

--------------- VIRTUAL PET ------------------

DeeDee is a happy little dolphin swimming around in the bright blue Caribbean Sea.
She needs love, attention and food just like a pet. Play, feed, and fool around to keep her happy.

Finger Fun

DeeDee follows your finger everywhere, turns circles around it and laughs with you. Call DeeDee by tapping the screen once or twice.

Feeding Time

There's no feeding time! D's always in for a good snack. Just press the orange food button and choose a happy-meal. Swipe it to throw the food in her direction. Unlike most dolphins, DeeDee eats everything!

Play D-Ball

Hit the ball button to get DeeDee's ball. Swipe it and DeeDee will swim after it to bring it back. (Press the button again if you want to stop)


The third button shows DeeDeeā€™s special Bubblegun. Blow into your phone's mic or tap the screen and watch DeeDee go crazy chasing bubbles! (Press the button again if you want to stop)


Look at the little rainbow happiness indicator at the top of the screen to check D's mood. To increase happiness give DeeDee all she needs. The trick is to check in with DeeDee regularly: feeding and playing with DeeDee twice a day will get you complete happiness soon. If you do nothing, DeeDee's happiness slowly fades away ...

Complete Happiness?

Yes! Complete happiness for a happy little dolphin. Keep DeeDee happy and earn special coins for reaching complete happiness. When the rainbow happiness indicator is completely filled you will be rewarded with a coin. One coin per day maximum.

Play Time

Don't let DeeDee wait now and play!



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