Optical Telemeter 1.3 Apk

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Category: Tools
Requires: Android 1.5 and up
Curent version: 1.3
Updated: 16.09.2012
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Description of Optical Telemeter

Easy to use optical telemeter which :

- Measures the distance from the place where your stand to the target.
- Measures the height of an object in front of you.
- Magnifying glass to improve accuracy when aiming at long range or in poor lighting conditions.

Easy to use inclination gauge / plumb line / inclinometer so that
you can properly hang picture on the wall, balance load
on your private boat, and much more ...
(accessible from the menu button )
- Milimetered paper ( aka ruler )
First , click on the monochrome vertical arrow. An Android will appear, sweep on it with your finger to enter the
phone distance to the ground ( use your height as an approximation). Hold 2 seconds to commit the value.

Then , simply aim at the basement of the object you want
to know the distance from.

You may also measure the object height. After having measured the ground distance
as said before , click on the 'red' arrow button to make it vertical.
Now aim at the top of the object and that's it, you see the height appended to the right hand side.

For the magnifier , sweep the screen with your finger.
Along the horizontal axis to shrink/expand the magnifying glass window.
Along the vertical axis to increase/decrease the zoom factor.
Using this feature is not recommended below Android 2.0, as its requires some CPU and memory.

On the picture, the Malaga Lighthouse , which height is 38m above sea level,and the picture has been taken a few meters above the sea level.

A user unfortunately gave me 1 star rating because he said
measuring objects distance to him ( coffee cup, lighter ) does not work. Be Carefull !! :-) You need to enter the distance from the phone to the table in the setting then!
The default setting is 1.5 m and i guess when you seat, your phone is not at an altitude of 1.5m over the table ;-)

Detailed documentation on



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