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Requires: Android 4.0 and up
Curent version: 1.9
Updated: 12.03.2019
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Description of Nitnem Audio

'Nitnem Gurbani Audio ' app let you read and listen to 'Nitnem Audio' on your mobile. You can read Nitnem 'in Hindi' or 'in Punjabi' and can read meaning of path while reading or listening to 'Nitnem Audio'. Purpose of this app is to let busy and mobile young generation reconnect with Sikhism and "Gurubani" by reading path on mobile. We hope that you will find this app useful and and will use it daily. 'Nitnem Gutka' app - key features: - # Complete 'Nitnem' - 7 paths # Select language of your preference:- 'Nitnem in Hindi', or 'Nitnem in Punjabi' (Gurmukhi) # Listen to 'Nitnem Gurbani': - - Seek bar to control audio - move back and forward - Pause button will stop audio and let you play path from where you left - Stop button will stop path completely. If you play again, path will start from current page - You can go to page of your choice using GO button on top-right corner # Select from 5 themes - Sepia, Classic, White, Black, Silver # Select text sizes of your choice # 'Read meaning' of each page using Translate option # Rate and provide your feedback using Feedback option # Read in portrait or landscape mode # 'Nitnem Audio with Lyrics' Ads: - # Please note that this app is ad supported # We show ad in non-intrusive manner so as to not to disturb you during path # For more info: - About 'Nitnem Gurbani': - Nit-Nem (literally Daily Naam) is a collaboration of different banis that were designated to be read by Sikhs every day at different times of the day. Sikhs read nitnems at Gurdwaras. The Nit-Nem bani's usually include the Panj bania (5 bani'below) which are read daily by baptized Sikhs in the morning between 3:00 am and 6:00 am (this period is considered as Amrit Vela or the Ambrosial Hours) and 'Rehras Sahib' in the evening 6pm and 'Kirtan Sohila' at night 9pm. 1. 'Japji Sahib' (amritvela) 2. 'Jaap Sahib' (amritvela) 3. 'Tav-Prasad' Savaiye(morning) 4. 'Chaupai Sahib' (morning) 5. 'Anand Sahib' (All 40 Shabads) (morning) 6. 'Rehras Sahib' (evening) 7. 'Kirtan Sohila' (night) The 5 morning Banis are usually recited in the early morning while Rehras is read in the evening (around 6pm.) and Kirtan Sohila is recited just before going to sleep at night. More prayers may be added to the Sikh's liking. We do hope that you will really like reading/ listening to Nitnem Path on our app. Thanks.



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