【かんたん!かわいい!アクションRPG】ぷちっとくろにくる 2.3.13 Apk

【かんたん!かわいい!アクションRPG】ぷちっとくろにくる 2.3.13 icon
Type: Game
Category: Action
Requires: 2.3 and up
Curent version: 2.3.13
Updated: 29.11.2016
Price: Free
Size: 88,18 Mb
Download: 12

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Description of 【かんたん!かわいい!アクションRPG】ぷちっとくろにくる

Slapstick of action RPG! Excitement of the gimmick! But starting in the great adventure of pounding!
In the action RPG trotting the world infinite & Connect in the nation of fellow and online.

"RPG Puchi' and Chronicle" is an online action RPG to play for free (MMO role-playing). Or feeding the exhilarating continuous attack at the touch of a button, or beyond the deep valley in the jump and somersault, obstacle destruction or such as rocks and barrel - action game elements are packed!

Trying to adventure a vast world in partnership with colleagues and the party leading online! (Basic free-to-play)

◆ action story of the RPG "Puchi' and Chronicle"
Here is peaceful and idyllic kingdom, walnut.
Come to an end is magic civilization continued to rise up to a few hundred years ago, the breath of a new civilization have crowded flow in this old kingdom.
...... The mystery of the treasure to sleep in such a world is open the key to the story

◆ fun gimmick scattered all over the world
Packed with a variety of "tricks" to wherever they go with the player! Can be large jump higher than normal "trampoline", distant town useful stuff and of adventure, such as "shortcuts" which can lets you fly to, prevent the way of the players, such as "trap", the action RPG unique gimmick Lots.

◆ non-targeting battle of powerful
Adopt a non-targeting system to attack. Damage to monsters who are equipped with swords and attack range of skills, magic using at the touch of a button, is intuitive action battle system. Deciding on a continuous attack on the monster by making full use the jump attack and skills, magic!

Vast 3D world without boundaries ◆
Action game around came in from the vast map to freely! Was realized in the there is no reading of each map "seamless map", an ultra-vast 3D world large adventure. At first glance climb unlikely mountains and deep valleys over a jump, on your first attempt we will give to the world that has never been done!

◆ friends gather online RPG
Such as cooperative play (multi-player) and chat with each other player, even communication of online action RPG unique enhancement! You can enjoy the battle of the action and monsters while cooperating with a lot of friends in chat. Let psyched powerful boss to cooperate with friends in multi-player action role-playing game!

※ MMO RPG: Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (large-scale massively multiplayer online role-playing game)

◆ basic free-to-play online action RPG!
"Puchi' and Chronicle" is the basic free-to-play! All the time you can enjoy for free. Gacha Mawaseru free only once a day also enjoy in the shop (item pricing).

◆ Inquiry opinions and requests
Please send this form
If we receive described in the review ※, I might get time to reply in order to hear again the information you need to research to customers.
※ This action RPG "Puchi' and Chronicle" has developed and operated by Asobimo Corporation.

For ◆ New Year of support
Puchi' and Chronicle support will be happy to leave the New Year's holiday period in support operations of the following.

2016 December 29 (Thursday) to January 3, 2017 (Tuesday)

During the holiday period also accept inquiries by e-mail, but the reply will be happy to are sequentially corresponding after January 4, 2017 (water) to inquiries.
Because it may take more time than in normal times, please note.

It should be noted that, with regard to the server monitoring business will Toriokonai usual even doing holiday period.



【かんたん!かわいい!アクションRPG】ぷちっとくろにくる 2.3.13 screenshot 641187
【かんたん!かわいい!アクションRPG】ぷちっとくろにくる 2.3.13 screenshot 641188
【かんたん!かわいい!アクションRPG】ぷちっとくろにくる 2.3.13 screenshot 641189
【かんたん!かわいい!アクションRPG】ぷちっとくろにくる 2.3.13 screenshot 641190


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