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Category: Entertainment
Requires: Android 2.3.3 and up
Curent version: 1.2.7
Updated: 25.01.2017
Price: Free
Size: 14.52 Mb
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Description of Cat and Kitten Fun Meow Sounds

Cat and Kitten Sounds App - Get Real Cat and Kitten Sounds Now On Your Android Smartphone …
There are many free mobile game apps developed for Android devices today. Some of them are very popular and widely sought after in the market for their high quality gaming interface and sounds. One such Android application highly in demand among smartphone lovers is the Cat and Kitten Sounds App. It is available online and can be downloaded and installed on your Android device.

An Insight Into The Free Cats Application

The cat and kitten sounds app has over 40 feline sounds for you to listen. These interesting sounds can be used to entertain small kids and pets. The application has pictures of many cats. You have to select them one by one to listen to the different sounds they make. The quality of the sounds are advanced and you get the experience that a real cat is making this sound.

Attract Attention With Cats Soundboard Application
In case your pet cat has been ignoring you for some time, you can use the cat app sounds to attract attention and re-establish the rapport you had with it. If you are playing with a child you can also use this cute cats soundboard application to teach the child on the various types of sounds different breeds of cats make. This means that this kitten app for Android is not only entertaining but it is educative too.

Why Don’t You Try Out This Realistic Cats Soundboard Application?
If you have never tried and tested a cats soundboard application before here is your chance to check one out for free. The cat and kitten sounds application can be found on SnDApps on Google Play- an online store for Android Apps. Once you log into this store you will find this cat app along with many other interesting sound apps. You need to click on the application icon to find a description of the app along with an option to download. Once the downloading is complete you need to follow the instructions given to successfully install the app on your mobile device. The app will only work on an Android device only. So before downloading check the compatibility of your phone/device first. There are more than 40 real cat and kitten sounds available. Once the installation is complete you can start using the app right away. The application recently has been upgraded to a higher version where the speed for downloading the app has been accelerated. There is a button for easy built in sharing. The update also includes a fix for a bug that prevented the sounds playing on specific mobile phones and devices.



बिल्ली ध्वनि अनुप्रयोग


القط التطبيق

New Updates
- Increase app speed, loads faster
- Added a button for easy built-in sharing
- Fixed bug causing sounds to stop working on certain phones
- Reduced app file size
- Reduced required permissions

Cat and Kitten Sounds is A Free Cats and Kittens Soundboard App for Android. This Sweet, lovely, pleasant, mellow, meow and adorable App Contains over 40 realistic cat and kitten sounds! Enjoy!
This is a Free Download App!

The domestic cat (Felis catus or Felis silvestris catus) is a small, usually furry, domesticated, carnivorous mammal. It is often called the housecat when kept as an indoor pet, or simply the cat when there is no need to distinguish it from other felids and felines. Cats are valued by humans for companionship and their ability to hunt vermin and household pests.

Cats are similar in anatomy to the other felids, with strong, flexible bodies, quick reflexes, sharp retractable claws, and teeth adapted to killing small prey. Cat senses fit a crepuscular and predatory ecological niche.
(Source: Wikipedia)

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