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Updated: 24.11.2012
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Description of Newborn Baby Log

The two questions mostly concerned by parents of newborn babies: First, the breast milk fed to the baby is enough? Second, the growth of the baby is over or below the average? The first question is significantly important, especially in the first month. The newborn baby is often jaundiced because his metabolism is not mature yet. If the fed milk is not enough, it will get worse. For the reason, the watcher of the baby is required to fill a form that logs the feeding and used diapers of peepee/poopoo. This software is the digital edition of the form. So you can log such data by yourself.

The software lets you log the time and capacity of breast feeding of bottle feeding, and the number of times of peepee/poopoo between the feeding. You get 4 fields to fill and click the "Add Row" button, then the software gathers the statistics automatically. If you feed your baby by bottle, you surely know the capacity. If you feed your baby by breast, the time of feeding and the number of used diapers are the important information to estimate the capacity. For example, if the feeding time is 5 minutes, it is not a meal for the baby. It often takes 20 or 30 minutes. In addition, the number of used diapers is often more than 6 a day, then we know the baby gets the enough milk in a day.

In addition to display the logged data on the screen, the software let you to mail the data in CSV format, so you can load it in Microsoft Excel or other data processing software. In addition to log the feeding and diaper, you can also log the length and weight of the baby, and compare with the standard charts (0..6 month old) provide by WHO. There are curves of 3%, 15%, 50%, 85%, 97%, and the black curve denotes your baby, so you can know in which range his growth fits. You can also keep tracking the growth of your 0..2-years-old baby with Baby Growth Log.

The software is designed to be done on launch. It let you finish one record in the shortest time. All you have to do is only filling a new row and click the "Add Row" button, then the automatic statistics is done. You are not asked to establish complete profiles and time stamps before using the functions.

- Rapid logging on launch: After you installed the software, you just launcg the software, fill the row at the bottom of screen and click "Add Row", the logging is done, the date and time is remembered, and the daily statstistics is gathered. You don't have to pre-build the baby profile, you can build it later. After "Add Row", you can click any one row to modify the record.

- Estimating the reference intake by weight: The milk needed by a baby a day can be estimated according to his weight. It is about 150cc per kilogram. The software shows you the value when you are entering the weight.

- Data output: The software lets you mail the logs of any date and the daily statistics in CSV format. You can save the mail as a .csv file and open it with Microsoft Excel for further processing.

- Mailing the WHO standard baby-growth charts: After you inputted the gender, birth date and time, and the birth length/weight, then you can further input the length or weight of some dates. The software draws the values as a black curve over the standard charts provided by WHO, and you can email the image file in high definition.



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