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Type: Game
Category: Action
Requires: Android 2.3 and up
Curent version: C3
Updated: 18.03.2015
Price: Free
Size: 43.7 Mb
Download: 1024

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Description of Robo Warrior Mini Games

Robo Warrior Mini Games delivers extreme action and breathtaking scenery all in one compact saga. Prepare to survive against devastating enemies and intense and violent worlds with challenging battles and epic, modern weapons. With three unique maps to conquer, this stunning pixel shooting and running action game will leave you on the edge of your seat. Are you ready to survive and dominate?

✸✸✸Deadly Mission✸✸✸
A corporate analyst who investigated failed colonization projects encounters the strangest case of his career. It's a ghost colony with no record of anything catastrophic or any indication of what went wrong. The people are simply gone. Just when he's about to write off the project into bureaucratic oblivions, he notices a difference about this district that gives him pause. The abandoned buildings and posts are not as they seem, rather, they host a secret- while nothing lives within them, something is feeding off of them.

Realizing this human is the first to penetrate their defenses, one of the automations steps fourth from a building, startling the analyst as the robot and the building looked one and the same, but looking at the machine now... no, it could not be, the robot had transformed from a beast of a machine to a man. "You have to leave," he ordered. "Humans are not allowed in these parts. We've kept them out peacefully in the past, but we have new orders, and those orders demand we kill on sight." The man gaps. "But I can't just leave, I'm an official of the government. I have a legal obligation to study this district." The robot sighs. "Very well then. You've chosen your fate."

After the disappearance of a city official in the uninhabited District 2, you are sent to investigate. As an elite CIA operative, you have a mission and nothing will get in the way of this mission. When you learn the truth of this district, you know what must be done. The robots may have their own orders, but you have yours as well. Let it get dirty, you will survive, and the world will know about this colonization.

✸✸✸New and Powerful Enemies✸✸✸
Dominate the battlefield with immersive first person fighting action that is a total adrenaline rush! Run through addicting levels and test your skills in the intense city district of these cube arenas. Collect hidden items that include ammo and health and score epic modern weapons as well. Deal damage and rise above the competition for the ultimate bragging rights.

Dive into the most epic and memorable action shooter game available. Quest to wreak as much havoc as you can and obliterate the enemy in your mission to survive and thrive. The world is at your fingertips, one knock down at a time! To begin, pick up any found weapon and equip to arm yourself against the blocky foes that are coming at you. Enemies are everywhere, from the block streets to the formidable district 2 to the futuristic city of devastating dangers. Be careful of your every step. This is war and there is no guarantee of your survival...

- Exciting 3D action
-Entity map
-Exploding barrels
-Simple, touch-pad controls
- Modern melee and firearm weapons
- Challenging enemies
- Pickups include health and ammo
-Massive worlds to explore
-Optimized for Android devices
-FPS block style shooter game

DISCLAIMER: Robo Warrior Mini Games is in no way associated with Minecraft nor any of its skins, textures or characters. This game is a creation uniquely its own that boasts amazing and classic cube-style graphics.



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