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Category: Entertainment
Requires: Android 4.0 and up
Curent version: 1.3.1
Updated: 09.06.2016
Price: Free
Size: 3.79 Mb
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Description of ChattyBot ChatBot Chatterbot

ChattyBot - Chatterbot - Free Chatterbot App For Android - Discover the Joys Of Chatterbot-Free Chat App For Android
Free mobile game apps have invaded the market in a big way. There are millions of engaging and interactive apps that can be downloaded on your compatible Android smartphone. One interesting app for android users is Chatterbot. This is a free chat app that can be downloaded and installed in your device from online app store from Google. Free android apps are highly sought after in the market by mobile enthusiasts today. This is the reason why they are gradually rising in popularity and taking over the smartphone market in a big way.

Stimulate Interesting Conversation With Chatty Bot Lola

Lola is the artificial intelligent bot you chat with in this free chat app. The application needs to be installed in your android device before you can begin conversation. This free chatter bot app is a computer programmed bot that replies to you like an intelligent robot. You often find examples of these bot services in places where you need to acquire information or for personalized service. For beginning a conversation you need to enter something in the message box for the bot to respond. There is also a “share” button for you to tell your friends about if you like using it. You can also tell them about this interesting app and too can try out how it feels like chatting to an artificial intelligent bot.

Would You Like To Talk To Lola?

Lola is the interactive and friendly bot waiting for you to ping a message so that she can respond and start an engaging conversation with you. For installing the Chatterbot app you need to visit SnDApps on Google Play. There is a search string where you can enter Chattybot- the name of the application. There is a blue speech bubble that appears with the word “AI”. Clicking on the “install” option will begin the downloading and the installation process immediately. Once the process is over you can immediately type in a few lines and get started with an interesting conversation with Lola immediately. This chat app can only be installed in devices that have an Android version of 2.1 or more. SnD Apps also has a number of other interesting free mobile game apps for your Android devices. There are amazing real life sound applications you can install on your mobile device, educate, and entertain your kids. Some of these apps are informative and educative. All you have to do is visit the SnDApps store to browse the various categories of applications. You can open each app and check out their details before you click on the “install” button to download the app and enjoy. They are free and thanks to the storage capacity of your smartphone you can download all of them all at once!



एक रोबोट से बात

التحدث إلى التطبيق الروبوت

Have a chat with an artificially intelligent (AI) bot.
Chatty Bot is an amazing App, It's Free, cool, stunning and smart AI Chat Bot App for Android.
Chatty Bot App making it possible to actually chat, talk and make a full conversation with a robot.
Chatty Bot let you talk to to a robot on real time.

A chatter robot, chatterbot, chatbot, or chat bot is a computer program designed to simulate an intelligent conversation with one or more human users via auditory or textual methods, primarily for engaging in small talk. The primary aim of such simulation has been to fool the user into thinking that the program's output has been produced by a human (the Turing test). Programs playing this role are sometimes referred to as Artificial Conversational Entities, talk bots or chatterboxes.
(Source: Wikipedia)
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